The person who facilitated contact with S*. (so debated and so discussed), it was this lady called M, thanks to a verification, I can say that she gives the access from the congress The Ufology World Congress 2017 .


After an apparent agreement of disclosure between them, (Dufes) the part of R and G, decide to make public the communication of S* without the consent of M. 


So M walks away from them.


On the other hand, M claims not only to be in contact with the civilization of S*, but also with more races willing to come into contact with human beings, being herself a mediator.

This is the list of content that M will disseminate from 2020.


a. description of space and the cosmos from their perspective.

b. who is here around us and why they are here.

c. detailed presentation of at least 12 humanoid species

d. how to handle weld earnest and very advanced technology

e. 2 space admin administrative affairs

f. 3 ancient life and humans on earth

g. 4 interstellar individuals

h. 5 what is the relation between advanced technology and spirituality

i. 6. communication languages, telepathy, channeling. remote viewing

j. 7 contacts with humanity

k. 8 crystals

l. 9 cultures their culturesm. 10 dimensions multi extra intra dimensional beings

n. 11 DNA

o. 12 Earth situation

p. 13 economy their economy

q. 14 their education and way of running

r. 15 emotions feelings

s. 16 energies

t. 17 frequencies

u. 18 genders and sociology

v. 19 health and well-being

w. 20 Earth history

x. 21 holographic technology

y. 22 how human beings on earth are perceived

z. 23 there are laws and treaties

aa. 24 karma

bb. 25 positronic waves Ascension Schumann resonance

cc. 26 reincarnation OBE and de vivid dreams

dd. 27 service to others

ee. 28 space exploration spaceships and suits

ff. 29 symbolism

gg. 30 the city houses inside and outside wilderness

* S. is used to define the contact of R and G, since within the communications that I maintained with M, she never mentions the name, avoiding pronouncement on the veracity or validity of this contact....